19. Sep, 2018

Blood Hunt Movie Download Hd

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An action-packed, waking nightmare of relentless brutality and merciless revenge, set against the harsh landscape of rural Australia.

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original title: Blood Hunt

genge: Action,Horror

imdb: 4.1

duration: 1h 18min

tags: Your worst fears will be realized

keywords: rape, homophobicslur, carchase, revenge, rifle, mortalwound, manualtransmission, weekendtrip, torture













































Everything seems uneventful for Dean and Claire, as they head out into beautiful rural Australia for a weekend away. Their biggest problem is what to do about Claire being accepted into an interstate University. The couple come across Knuck and things start to spiral out of control. Heath and Jarred only stoke the fire and both Claire and Dean's greatest fears are made reality. An action-packed, waking nightmare of relentless brutality and merciless revenge, set against the harsh landscape of rural Australia. The one other reviewer (at this time),obviously has no clue about the Aussie 'MACHO' culture,the bad guys in this movie are the epitome of that culture in the way they speak,dress and act,a trip to any town in Australia will prove my point,so in fact the "bad guys"in this movie do an admirable and pretty accurate portrayal of the typical Aussie bogan. What he wants in a rape scene is beyond me,I find the rape scene in this movie all the more horrifying in its simplicity and creepiness,leaving the viewer to the horror of their imagination with the added horror of the female leads reactions and facial expressions.When the real action starts it is short,sharp,swift and very,very brutal,no need for imagination here,it is all laid out right in front of you in gory and bloody detail.The two leads,Kahli Williams and Dean Kirkright did a great job of acting and were convincing enough for me to give this movie 8 stars,I honestly enjoyed it and any fan of this genre of movie will also. Blood Hunt is a low budget movie and it just shows. Not the acting though, that was actually okay, it could have been much worse. But the story, even if it's just the classic you-do-me-and-my-girl-wrong-and-now-i-take-revenge, was just poorly executed. It's all not believable at all how easily they can escape a couple of times, the killing and so on. On top of that the wounds they have are just a joke, it all looked so fake and you can't blame a low budget on that because if you had a decent make-up artist it would have looked all different. And that's not an expensive cost, to find a good make-up artist. I saw much better revenge movies than Blood Hunt so don't waste your time with this one.


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